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Efficient Customer Relationship Management and Office Organisation

4 October 2011, 10 а.m., Festa Sofia Hotel, 83 Bulgaria Blvd.


10:00 Registration
10:15 Insider CRM Presentation and Best practices.

Moderator: Mr. Gabor Takacs, President of IRM Ltd.*
Special guest: Mr. Georgi Chernev, Chairman of Sofia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1. Office organization – calendar, tasks, contacts, documents in a single database
2. Efficient customer relationship management through customer knowledge
3. Automize your marketing process
4. Optimized sales process
5. Business analysis and team performance
6. Finance and payment control
7. System security
8. Prerequisites for successful implementation
12:00 Questions and answers

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*Gabor Takacs, the inventor of “insider”, started his career as an software engineer at Nemetschek AG in Germany. Later on he was in charge of the international business development of the company, member of the board and one of the executive vice presidents. When establishing daughter companies and partner networks he learned about the importance of good client management and perfect office organization. Since 10 years he manages his own company IRM with 12 employees. In the seminar, Gabor Takacs shares his experience with you and gives valuable hints how to set up a proper data management in your office and control all processes in the field of Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance and Administration.






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